How to Unlock SVN locked file

SVN supports locking also. It is feature when someone takes lock and noone else can change it. But what if a peopla has one day vacation ?

As described here, it is possible to takeover such a lock.


I am using tortoise svn, which does not enclosure svn command line client neccesary for that, sou I have to download proper svn client for windows:

1.5.4 (we are using now)

or 1.6.2


Cannot lock a file:

"c:\Program Files\svn-win32-1.5.4\bin\svn"
lock MyVB6Proj.vbp
svn: warning: Path ‘/trunk/MyVB6Proj/MyVB6Proj.vbp’ is already locked b
y user ‘user_having_vacation@DOMAIN’ in filesystem ‘/svn/vb/db’


Takeover lock

"c:\Program Files\svn-win32-1.5.4\bin\svn"
lock –force MyVB6Proj.vbp
‘MyVB6Proj.vbp’ locked by user ‘kunc@DOMAIN’.


And unlock my lock -this is operation I can do

c:\Program Files\svn-win32-1.5.4\bin\svn"
unlock  MyVB6Proj.vbp
‘MyVB6Proj.vbp’ unlocked.

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