Multiple Language for non-Unicode programs settings on one computer

Maybe you have the same problem. You have non-Unicode program, for example an old Visual Basic 6 application drives it’s Resources, data formats, ets by this important settings in your Control panels.
You probably know, that when you need to change this settings to a different language, you are asked to restart your computer.
Of course, if you work with different language specific applications, it is quite bothering to do that all the time.
Solution to do this is as following
1. Create a local computer user with Administrator rights, we can call him "RUUser"
(we will set Russian Locales)
2. Log off and Log in as newly created user (we have RUUser)
3. Go to control panels/Regional and Language Settings/Administrative/Change system locale and change your locales to language you need. (We can try Russian for example)
4. You will probably need to do restart, do it this time
5. Now login as your original user and set your Regional Settings back to your default language, you will need to restart another time.
6. That is all
What do we have now ? We have a new user (RUUser in our example), who has his locales set to Russian. You can continue working with your default user and Locales (lets say English). When we need to start an non-unicode application, you will need to start it under your user with different Locales.
There is a simple command in Windows, how to do that easily. Syntax is:
runas /savecred /user:domain\user your_command.exe
After this command starts. You will be asked for password for this user. (Oh I didn’t adwised you to do that ?) And the password will be saved in credential cache persistently on your computer, so, next time, when you start this command, you wont be asked for password.
if you need more application under different Locales, you can create more users, set them Locales the same way.

One thought on “Multiple Language for non-Unicode programs settings on one computer

  1. Changing system locale in XP affects whole system not just user. Step 5 will restore default locale also for RUUser.

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