VMWare – hosting 64bit guest on 32 bit host systems

There is not much hw virtualization platforms where you can do this. I know two

– VMWare Workstation (commercial)
– VirtualBox (free version also)

When you would like to start 64bits system in VmWare normally, you will get an

What do I need to run 64bit system i

– Check whether your processor supports 64bit systems. You can use tools like Processor Check for 64-Bit Compatibility or Intel® Processor Identification Utility.
– Enabled Intel VT VMM (or AMD similar) technology in BIOS.
– When you enable Virtualization in BIOS you need to do “cold” restart (Shut down computer ant turn it on again), not only reset it.

While I was able to install Windows 2008 64bit into VmWare, VirtualBox was still falling and I had no success with that.

This is all,it should be working allright now.


What you need to run a 64-bit Guest Operating System in VMware

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