Running Oblivion on EEE PC 1000H with NOCD patch

Fantastic Oblivion is working also on my EEE PC 1000H netbook. Not very fast, but I wanted just to test my netbook’s performance.

I did some upgrade to my netbook configuration which is now Intel Atom 270, 2 GB RAM, 7200 RPM Seagate 500 GB and Intel GMA 950.


What do we need

1. Oblivion Installation DVD image (since we dont have DVD drive in netbook) and mounting software. I am using Damon Tools Lite for mounting images.

2. Oldblivion installation files. Oldblivion is project to run Oblivion on old CPU and Graphic cards like Intel GMA 950. It makes some in memory patching to Oblivion exe file and converts Pixel and Vertex shaders from 2 to 1.1

3. Since Oldblivion patches exe file, you should not install notsupported Oblivion patches. Oldblivion works with 1.1 Oblivion patch. For this patch, there is also NOCD patch that works with Oldblivion and I tested them together with success.

Note: Before I installed 1.1 update I experienced a problem that Oblivion starts its menu, but it was not possible to Start new game.

4.  Continue as in attached .txt file in Oldblivion: Copy attached Oblivion.ini to Documents&Settings\[User]\My Documents\My Games\Oblivion. Now configure Oldblivion with attached config.exe to low details. And finally start Oldblivion.exe.

And result


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