Testing HTTP 2.0 in a browser

You most probably already know how the good old buddy HTTP works. Its very simple, very straightforward and also very old. After some evolution, started by Google with SPDY, we currently have draft of a IETF standard for v 2.0 of this protocol, called also HTTP/2. All this evolution was driven by the desire to make web page loading faster and eventually to reduce the data amounts downloaded on our phones.

The best way is to try. The http2 Implementations tracking page shows that there is a Microsoft implementation, revealing a HTTP/2 supporting server url at:


Also, the current Firefox Nightly can be enabled to support this version. The steps to enable Http/2 in it are to open about:config and switch these two to true:

  • network.http.spdy.enabled.http2draft
  • security.ssl.enable_alpn

When enabled in FF Nightly, you can navigate to


Which is a page showing one of HTTP/2 advantages called Multiplexing, which is ability to download large amount of resources simultaneously. The testing page should load he left image much faster. Also when you look at the request, you will see HTTP 2.0, like on following screen.


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